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New  "No Tilt Hangers"

      The easiest way to hang a hard         to balance  mount , period!

Small  fish mount support.
Wires from 18 gage to 3/16 rod
Wire kits for Turkeys,
and pheasant xt.
Support for flying birds
Large fish mount support
Fish stick and plastic support block
Large threaded rods
with round plug and plastic reciever
Large threaded rods with square plug and aluminum reciever
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Noon's Plug In Taxidermy
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Phone # 419-722-8387
Contact Info
Pedestal rods
Turkey Kits also available from

Mounted By Rich Phalin
Mounted By Rich Phalin
Mounted By Mike Noon
Mounted By John Naab

No Tilt
Hangers also
available From
Pedestal rods also
available From